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Foundry is one of the metal forming processes which consists in casting a metal or a liquid alloy in a mold to reproduce, after cooling, a given part (interior and exterior shape) while limiting as much as possible subsequent finishing work. .

Used in various sectors (aeronautics, automotive, valves, household appliances,) the techniques depend on the material, dimensions and geometric characteristics of the part to be obtained, but also on the quantities to be produced.

The principle of foundry is to pour an alloy into a mold. The casting temperature depends on the type of alloy used; for example, zinc alloys are heated to 400 ° C, aluminum alloys to 700 ° C, copper alloys to 1250 ° C and ferrous alloys to 1550 ° C. Cooling generates solidification and obtaining the raw or finished part.

In a foundry process, three classes of problems arise:

  • Make the mold
  • Sink the piece
  • Extract the product

A foundry process corresponds to the resolution of these three problems.

The foundry makes it possible to obtain hollow parts, complex parts with cavities. The precision of the dimensions eliminates the need for rework, thus reducing both machining and material costs.

This process also makes it possible to produce parts in materials that are difficult to machine, which do not lend themselves to rolling, forging or forging, such as parts with a high silicon content or cast iron.

Discover our possibilities in foundry for barrels, handles, complete locks or other types of parts.

JMP offers you its expertise in the field of locks and security interlocking through know-how in foundry of various materials, ranging from bronze to stainless steel. This allows us to make your requests as unique as it is.

Our foundry allows us to reproduce parts that you could no longer find in a traditional distribution channel. Good to know, even a partially damaged part can be reproduced if we have the necessary data.

In direct connection with our 3D Printing division, we can also reproduce parts that you have in SolidWorks software (eg: .SDLPRT).

We support your various projects, even outside the world of locks. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our foundry sector.

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