Combination cam lock

The electronic code lock allows you to control the opening of the door remotely, through a box or a screen attached to the door or next to it.

Note that some mechanical code locks can also be opened with a key, that the code can be changed at will and that the exit is often free.

The adjectives that can best characterize code lock or code lock are ease, speed and practicability. The mechanical code lock is the one found on padlocks, consisting of various number dials. Mechanical code locks can be used both indoors and outdoors. There is no need for a power supply to install this type of lock; they therefore always work even in the event of a power or battery failure.

The digicode or code lock provides security just as effective as with a key or a card, while preventing you from losing the latter. The operation of a code lock differs depending on the type of lock: the mechanical code lock or the electronic code lock. The code lock meets a specific need by allowing you to choose the appropriate code.

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