Security locks

A high security lock or security lock therefore has between 3 and 9 locking points. Generally, these are products certified with A2P standard.

It becomes impossible to be able to pick the security lock or security lock with anti-bumping cylinders and millions of combinations.

When you choose to invest in the security of your home, you think of the door as a whole. On the other hand, we often forget to pay attention to the lock that equips it. And yes, a good door is not everything, it is essential that it has a high security lock, otherwise your front door is not effectively secured.

Our security lock models are reliable, resistant and offer you excellent locking quality. The barrel is identified using a property card. Only this document allows its holder to reproduce barrels or keys in an approved center.

The high security barrel or high security cylinder is a barrel with at least 10 pistons.

The range of security locks has proven itself to prevent all types of break-ins.

Important point: closing points, high security mechanical locks are also called multi-point locks. They are more or less secure from 3 to 14 locking points.

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