Secure payment

Our secure payment by credit card with CyberPlusPayment via a URL sent by email

This new platform meets the requirements of security standards for distance selling (PCI-DSS) to offer you innovative and efficient payment services in an increasingly secure environment.

With Visa / Mastercard

Systempay: a new e-commerce payment platform

For 10 years, the Cyberplus Paiement offer has established itself in France as a remote payment collection solution from professionals in the profession (auto-entrepreneurs, traders, craftsmen, SMEs and large companies).

By choosing the Systempay platform, security becomes an essential element for Banque Populaire in building tools for storing and using sensitive data linked to bank cards (PCI-DSS and 3DSecure). Cyberplus Paiement is taking a further step in order to offer quality payment services with a first-rate level of security.

By relying on the Systempay platform, Cyberplus Paiement now benefits from the latest technologies and technical innovations on the market and offers high-performance collection services to support distance selling professionals in the development of their activity.

The perfect alliance between modernity and high performance

The guarantee of enhanced security

Our platform benefits from our dual technical and banking expertise in order to secure your collections.

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PCI-DSS certification

Agrément 3D-Secure (MasterCard SecureCode et Verified by Visa)

American Express Certification

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